Month: October 2020

About Meth

It’s also referred to as crystal meth, spread crack, and poor man’s dope. Methamphetamine may be a highly addictive drug sold in powder form or as crystal-like rocks. The name “peanut butter” may describe impure rocks cut with various chemicals wont to synthesize the drug, because the color of the drug may be a similar …

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History Of Psychology

A German scholastic philosopher is credited with conceiving the term “psychology” within the 1590s. The word psychology comes from the Greek word psyche, which suggests “soul” or “spirit.” Earlier, psychology was also considered a study of the soul. Until the top of the 19th century, psychology was considered to be a neighborhood of philosophy. In …

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Telepathic Dreams

As far back as we’ve written records, and possibly even before that (see below), there are accounts of scientifically unexplainable phenomena connected to dreams. consistent with researchers (I haven’t counted them myself), there are approximately seventy references to prophetic dreams or visions within the Bible. These sorts of dreams were nearly always attributed to a …

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