About Meth

It’s also referred to as crystal meth, spread crack, and poor man’s dope. Methamphetamine may be a highly addictive drug sold in powder form or as crystal-like rocks. The name “peanut butter” may describe impure rocks cut with various chemicals wont to synthesize the drug, because the color of the drug may be a similar tannish brown.

Use of meth is analogous to crack or marijuana, with the meth rocks or crystals placed atop a surface that’s heated with a cigar lighter . employing a small pipe or cylinder, the user inhales the smoke to realize the high.

When smoked or inhaled, meth attacks the brain by causing a soaring rise in seratonin and dopamine, creating a heightened sense of euphoria that the user never wants to finish.

Abuse of meth can cause variety of body and mental dysfunctions, including renal failure , permanent brain damage, increased paranoia and hallucinations, and coronary failure . Frequent use of meth also decreases saliva production, which may cause cavity . people that abuse meth are known to travel to great lengths to continue their habit, in some cases committing crimes to afford their next hit.

Agitated personality, always irritable
Dilated pupils
Loss of appetite, rapid and unexplained weight loss
Withdrawing from friends, bouts of depression
Rapid, unexplained cavity (known as meth mouth)
Increased thirst and looking for sugary drinks
Increased acne and skin lesions
Users of meth should be made conscious of the risks of addiction and possible health damage. Parents who suspect their young children of abusing the drug should search for the signs and consult professional help as soon as possible.
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