Telepathic Dreams

As far back as we’ve written records, and possibly even before that (see below), there are accounts of scientifically unexplainable phenomena connected to dreams. consistent with researchers (I haven’t counted them myself), there are approximately seventy references to prophetic dreams or visions within the Bible. These sorts of dreams were nearly always attributed to a prophet of the time.

Some archaeologists suggest that ancient paintings are literally our ancestors’ attempts to record their dreams. If this is often so, they need to have felt they were important enough to share and record.

The ancient Egyptians often communicated with their Gods and their dead through dreams and dedicated temples and other resources to the recording and understanding of dreams. In ancient Vedic literature, dreaming is seen as an intermediate state of the soul between this world -the waking world- and other worlds.

Most of the dreams we’re conversant in from antiquity would be considered prophetic or precognitive. However, there have been some samples of telepathic dreams.

What’s the difference you’ll ask? A prophetic or precognitive dream may be a dream during which you receive information a few future event with none prior knowledge of the event. A telepathic dream, on the opposite hand, may be a dream where the dreamer receives information a few current situation, person, or place from the mind of another individual.

In the Society for Physical Research founders’ (E. Gurney, F.W. Myers, F. Podmore) published research on psychic phenomena entitled, Phantasms of the Living, they reported 149 cases of dream telepathy.

How are you able to tell if you’ve had a telepathic dream?

Characteristically, telepathic dreams can loosely be described by five elements:

  1. They concern about the death of somebody the dreamer knows or knows of,
  2. they create the dreamer conscious of some quite accident or emergency,
  3. These sorts of dreams are often connected to employment or the workplace,
  4. Telepathic dreams can often seem trivial and specialise in mundane issues,
  5. These sorts of dreams are generally short, to the purpose , and more like day-to-day waking reality.

In spite of what many of us think, dreams of death, illness, or serious accident aren’t quite common . So once we do have dreams with this sort of theme, we tend to concentrate to them, write them down, and share them with others. this is often how the bulk of the research on the topic has been gathered. There are , however, numerous accounts where a dreamer has recalled what appeared like such an earthly dream that they wondered why they remembered it in the least , only to get that it had been a telepathic dream. i think that we get these sorts of mundane telepathic dreams so as to point out us that our minds, our dreams, devour all types of data from the environment; near, far, ours, theirs, past, present, and future.

As an example, I’ll share a rather odd telepathic dream I had concerning the death of a well known Canadian Country and Western singer (I don’t even like country music).

I had this dream, entitled Country & Western, on Mar. 07, 2013

I’m during a pick-up truck, driving back from somewhere. Seem to urge the impression that Tom (my cousin?) is here somewhere. He’s talking about being with Dad and Jeff [both my dad and brother are deceased]. There’s something a few wooden frame, with grooved edges and corners. I notice the scenery within the rear-view window.

I’m during a Country and Western bar. I (someone) was playing a piano and violin or guitar (some stringed instrument). Someone shows us an antique, or really old, a piano that’s made from wood and has got to be cranked up to urge started, and therefore the keys were on the highest and moveable.

I’m learning what seems like cigarette tubes to settle on fatherland (60’s) music. Singers appear during a glass window. I’m warned about an old/stale smoke which I’m holding, that’s half empty. a man takes it from me.

NOTE: Mar. 7/13 4:00 pm – Jay told me that ‘Stoppin’ Tom (Conners) died yesterday (of natural causes). We had a quick discussion about him. Stoppin’ Tom always used a bit of wood in his show -to stomp on.

There are a few of clues during this dream that suggest it is a telepathic dream.

Pick-up = learning information: I’ve found that dreams (may vary for you) that emphasize picking things up or a pick-up truck tend to be telepathic communications.

Communications = music especially alerts me to the dream of being a communication.

By keeping a record of your dreams, you’ll quickly learn to differentiate the various clues and symbols that denote whether a dream is precognitive, telepathic, problem-solving, a warning, etc. albeit you haven’t kept a dream journal, by examining the various elements within the dream, you’ll get a reasonably good idea of what quite dream it’s , and albeit it is your dream or not. Sometimes we devour other people’s dreams, especially those on the brink of us. If you’re studying your dream and haven’t any idea what it’s about or why you’d have a specific dream, it’d be beneficial to think about whether it’s even your dream in the least .

Terry Gillis may be a dream analyst, investigator, researcher, and author with quite 3 decades of experience working with dreams.

She would really like to ask you to hitch her growing dream community by submitting questions and/or posting your dreams on her blog, and to participate in her ongoing research.

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